Throwback Thursday: FuckingMachines Takes the RV on its Inaugural Road Trip


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From October 25, 2007:

When Founder and CEO Peter Acworth purchased an RV back in July, he had one primary goal in mind; he wanted to take’s productions to a whole new place, the open road. Director Tomcat was the first to take full advantage of this mobile production studio with a
weeklong trip to the city of Angels. After weeks of planning, several tests, endless set-up, and 350 miles of California highway, Fucking Machines was finally on their way to LA. Shooting 6 girls in 6 different locations in 7 days definitely kept the RV crew pretty busy, but they still made time to stop by and pick up a few new toys. Shooting in the RV had both its ups and downs, but in the end, it was an unforgettable experience for all involved. With the success of this inaugural road trip, it’s clear that the RV will quickly become one of the directors’ favorite sets.

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  1. Working for must be more exciting and less hazardous to one’s health than snowboarding. I’d suggest Marty take up another diversion such as knitting.

  2. Hey Marty, sorry to hear about your bad break but its good to finally know who is involved in the rigging process. I formerly ran a dungeon until we were shut down for a lot of false reasons ( no biz license for a dungeon ) who knew ? Anyways , I know from first hand how difficult and time consuming doing quality knotting so I want to thank you for making such a valued contribution to the KINK experience.

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