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FSC Asks for No Shoots on February 18, Date of Cal/OSHA Vote


Free Speech Coalition is requesting that adult producers refrain from shooting on February 18, the date of a critical Cal/OSHA meeting, so that large numbers of performers may be free to attend and testify. Cal/OSHA is expected to vote on regulations that would require condoms for all penetrative sex, including oral, as well as dental dams and goggles.

“It is crucial that performers are available to speak at this final Cal/OSHA meeting, because Cal/OSHA weighs heavily the voice of the workers,” said Jeffrey Douglas, Board Chair of the Free Speech Coalition. “So we ask that producers not book shoots for February 18, so that any performer who wishes to attend can do so.”

In October 2015, Cal/OSHA issued the final language for the regulations, and declined to remove the controversial condom and goggle requirements. Without a strong performer showing at the hearing, the regulations are expected to pass.

The meeting will take place at 10:00 am in the Harris State Building, 1515 Clay Street in Oakland, California.

Performers or producers who wish to attend the meeting should contact the Free Speech Coalition at(818) 348-9373, or by emailing


Madison Young Premieres ‘Reveal All Fear Nothing’ at SF Armory


From AVN:

Performance artist, author and director Madison Young, known for her feminist take on hardcore erotica, offers an alternative to the usual Valentine’s Day fare with the world premiere of her new theater piece, Reveal All Fear Nothing: A Journey in Sex, Love, Porn and Feminism. Directed by Sophia La Paglia, the performance will take place February 12-14 at the San Francisco Armory. Inside the Armory, which is home to, a theater has been constructed in the building’s Roman Bath set. The pop-up theater will seat 100 audience members each evening.

Reveal All Fear Nothing is a multimedia performance and experimental theater piece, written and performed by Madison Young and developed in collaboration with feminist artist Annie Sprinkle. The piece—a modern adaptation of Sprinkle’s theater piece Post Porn Modernist—and aims to crack wide open the underground worlds of BDSM, pornography and kink, all while demystifying and celebrating these often misunderstood and misrepresented communities and movements.

You can purchase tickets in advance at

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Eric Paul Leue Appointed Head Of The Free Speech Coalition


Director of Sexual Health and Advocacy at, Eric Paul Leue has officially been appointed to Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition! He will take over in a very important time for the FSC and the adult industry; with new Cal/OSHA regulations which would require eye protection, dental dams and condom when shooting adult film, and a ballot measure which would allow private citizens to file lawsuits against producers and performers who don’t appear to comply with the regulations.

 “It’s an incredible honor to be able to lead the charge of the Free Speech Coalition, at a time when the adult industry is fighting for its very survival,” said Leue. “When it comes to free speech, performer safety, and sexual health, we cannot let the moralistic and anti-scientific arguments dictate policy. I will fight to keep our industry safe and legal.”

Here’s Leue at the Cal/OSHA protest put on by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)  in Oakland last year. Eric has a long history as an activist in the LGBTQ and Leather Communities and wanted to dispel the propaganda AHF was spreading at the protest:



Throwback Thursday:’s Executive Team Checks Out 2008 AVN Expo


From Jan 18, 2008:

Every January, the adult entertainment industry comes together in Las Vegas for a week of flesh, fun and franchise at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. The enormous conference draws thousands of adult companies, models, and fans to network, check out new products, participate in discussion panels and even attend an industry-wide awards show. The last 2 years, has blown everyone away with their booth and demonstrations, solidifying their reputation as the world’s leading producer of BDSM and Fetish content. But this year, chose to attend AVN not as prominent exhibitor, but as a quiet observer. So Founder and CEO, Peter Acworth, told his Directors to stay home for a change, and instead gathered his team of executives and headed to Las Vegas to check out the conference from an entirely different point of view.

Do’s and Don’ts for AVN 2016


With events like Xbiz and AVN awards fast approaching, Phoenix Marie, Abella Danger, and more share some tips for the fans. Here’s a quick guide of the Do’s and Don’ts for the fans coming to the AVN Expo this year. This video teaches you how to not be “that guy or gal” when meeting your favorite performers.

Throwback Thursday: Ultimate Surrender Welcomes its First Live Audience

 From June 5th, 2008:

Every new set and prop that builds adds yet another dimension of fantasy to their already prodigious playground. But while fresh backdrops and toys undoubtedly inspire creative new storylines and torture scenarios, they rarely impact a website’s direction as significantly as
Ultimate Surrender’s brand new bleacher seating just did. As soon as the risers were in place, 40 lucky guests were invited to be part of the first Live Audience Tag Team match in Ultimate Surrender’s history. And with plans to invite members and fans to future live matches, this foolproof combination of sex, sports and spectators is likely to become the hottest ticket in town.

Flashback Friday: Armory Steps Attract Skateboarders and Film Crews Alike


Let’s go back in time with this installment of BK’s “Flashback Friday”. Let’s look back at the early days of the Armory, and the Skateboarders that took their pilgrimage here :

When decided to purchase the San Francisco Armory last year, they knew they were getting much more than just a new production studio. In addition to being a historic San Francisco landmark, the smooth granite front steps of the 94-year-old building have also made the Armory a treasured destination for skateboarders from all over the world.

Recently, a local production company even got’s permission to use the historic steps (referred to by skaters as “3 up 3 down”) as a location for a commercial they were shooting for Adidas. With architecture that impresses historian, skateboarder and pornographer alike, the Armory has proved that it is truly a one of a kind building.

Click here to see the finished commercial featuring the Armory’s famous steps.

Throwback Thursday: 75-Year-Old Time Capsule Found Inside an Armory Wall

Let’s go back in time with this installment of BK’s “Throwback Thursday”. Let’s look back at the early construction for
[The 4th floor of the Armory has been abuzz with activity lately as construction crews and set designers began work on the first official set for Peter’s pet project, What will be a formal dining room, is still just an empty room; but as Art Department Director Chris Gaw found out, an empty room is not necessarily a boring room. When demolishing a partition wall, he came across a bona fide time capsule that had been hidden inside the Armory’s walls for 75 years. What was inside? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out…]

Femdom comes to Oculus

Femdom Oculus from BehindKink on Vimeo.

We are always pushing the boundaries here at Kink and not just in sex. Always on the cutting edge of technology we’ve started experiment with Oculus to engage our viewers in a 360 virtual reality experience. Maîtresse Madeline and Lorelei were among the first of Kink’s crew to test out the new technology. Soon you be able to experience what it’s like to dominated on Divine Bitches or many of our site in you own home.

Memorial for Taja Gabrielle DeJesus

  Yesterday, February 10th a memorial and rally was held on the steps of San Francisco City Hall for Taja Gabrielle DeJesus a trans-woman of color who was violent murdered in San Francisco on February 1st. Large community turned out to honor her memory and demand a stop to anti-trans violence and discrimination. You can show your support by donating to the Transgender Law Center to help continue their work in helping to change policy and law so that people live free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression.