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“Dick in your mouth” – by Mia Li

Multi talented model Mia Li is generally know for her amazing mind and body. Those of you fortunate enough to spend time with her on KinkLive know that she had a passion for playing the ukulele during her cam shows. Today Mia shares her original song “Dick in your Mouth”. Be sure to check out KinkLive for more original ukulele compositions.

The Castle Garden

Many rumors over the years have been spread about what is on to of Kink’s historic armory building. Is there a hot tub or a pool? Perhaps a helicopter? For a long time the roof of the armory has been just a roof, until recently. Thanks to the helpful green thumbs of our staff and “The Chef” we’ve started a garden on the roof. One of our programmers Kipp gives us a tour of our recently planted garden on todays update.