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The Castle Garden


Many rumors over the years have been spread about what is on to of Kink’s historic armory building. Is there a hot tub or a pool? Perhaps a helicopter? For a long time the roof of the armory has been just a roof, until recently. Thanks to the helpful green thumbs of our staff and “The Chef” we’ve started a garden on the roof. One of our programmers Kipp gives us a tour of our recently planted garden on todays update.’s 10000 Video Milestone

video celebrates our 10,000th video over the past 16 years. We have come a long way from Peter’s apartment in the Marina to the Castle on 14th St. in the Mission. From Peter starting it all by himself as a one man crew all the way to a full production powerhouse of BDSM.

Christian Wilde overwhelms Brian Bonds on Bound Gods


Can’t get enough Christian Wilde in your life? Neither can we. That’s why he’s back on Bound Gods with a delicious sub, Brian Bonds, at his service. Take a look at Christian as he describes how he prepares for the shoot, what he looks forward to the most, and of course, a sneak peak at the hot action that’s to come!