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Eric Paul Leue talks to Daily News about the California condom initiative

Head over to Los Angeles Daily News and read Eric Paul Leue, the new executive director for the Free Speech Coalition, talk about the the California condom initiative.


Q: Your background is in sex education. What attracted you to lead the Free Speech Coalition?

A: We’re at a turning point in how our society deals with sexuality. I think that the freedom of expression, the freedom of speech are core values to our American society that are important to defend and for people to make choices over their own lives and to make a career with it. I find it motivating to think about all the work this industry has done. We as an industry created ASACP (Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection), which advocates against child pornography, works with producers, works with people in the industry to keep children safe. I think it’s important to understand that this industry is so driven to talk about sexual health and wellness and well-being and pleasure at a time when our generation and culture has changed their position toward that.


Go read the full Q&A right here.