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Throwback Thursday: Kink.com’s Executive Team Checks Out 2008 AVN Expo

From Jan 18, 2008:

Every January, the adult entertainment industry comes together in Las Vegas for a week of flesh, fun and franchise at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. The enormous conference draws thousands of adult companies, models, and fans to network, check out new products, participate in discussion panels and even attend an industry-wide awards show. The last 2 years, Kink.com has blown everyone away with their booth and demonstrations, solidifying their reputation as the world’s leading producer of BDSM and Fetish content. But this year, Kink.com chose to attend AVN not as prominent exhibitor, but as a quiet observer. So Founder and CEO, Peter Acworth, told his Directors to stay home for a change, and instead gathered his team of executives and headed to Las Vegas to check out the conference from an entirely different point of view.

Throwback Thursday: 75-Year-Old Time Capsule Found Inside an Armory Wall

Let’s go back in time with this installment of BK’s “Throwback Thursday”. Let’s look back at the early construction for theupperfloor.com:
[The 4th floor of the Armory has been abuzz with activity lately as construction crews and set designers began work on the first official set for Peter’s pet project, UpperFloor.com. What will be a formal dining room, is still just an empty room; but as Art Department Director Chris Gaw found out, an empty room is not necessarily a boring room. When demolishing a partition wall, he came across a bona fide time capsule that had been hidden inside the Armory’s walls for 75 years. What was inside? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out…]

Peter wins the FSC Courage and Leadership Award

FSC has awarded Peter Acworth with the 2015 Christian Mann Courage and Leadership Award. The FSC Awards recognize industry professionals and businesses for excellence in business and representing a pro-adult image through advocacy and actions. Peter has never been afraid to speak his mind and in the past year has help to lead the charge on a number of issues threatening the adult industry. Listen to Peter’s speech as he is honored with this award.



The Training of O

In this special update we present a deeper look into one of Kink’s most unique sites. “At TheTrainingOfO.com, beautiful submissive women take a 4-day journey through slave training, experiencing erotic bondage, punishment, and humiliation to become trained sex slaves.” The site is inspired by the BDSM classic novel “The Story of O”, by Pauline Reage. James Mogul and Peter Acworth designed the site to reflect the intense psychological and physical training required for the perfect sexual submissive. James Mogul gives us an exclusive guide through this one of a kind site.


The adult industry voice was finally heard as Assembly Bill 1576 remained  in suspense today at the Senate Appropriations Hearing. AB1576 was, among other industry damaging issues, a condom mandate bill not unlike Measure B which has proved nothing but a failure for LA County. AB1576 proposed a condom mandate, performer privacy violations and problematic testing protocols which were less stringent that what the industry currently has in place. The troubled bill would have put the industry performers at greater work place risk and moved the larger producers out of California taking millions of tax dollars with it. Ab1576 was drafted  without performer input or consent – a point that was continually hammered home by the over 650 performers who openly opposed the bill. Even with the number performers who vocally opposed ab1576, the bill’s author continued to hold the line that he needed to “speak on behave of those who do not have a voice”.  Today,  performers voices where heard and AB1576 was held on suspense. The industry will continue to enforce its rigorous testing standards using the performer developed PASS system which standards are so well refined we have been able to keep HIV out of the talent pool for over a decade. That is a fact – there has not been a SINGLE on set transmission of HIV in over a decade. The NY Times labelled the adult industry as the “unlikely model for HIV prevention” and throughout the last few weeks, the LA Times has published several articles including an editorial on why AB1576 is a bad bill. Today, sex workers can celebrate an albeit small, but solid victory of validation.

Three Strike Justice Center Fundraiser

At The Armory Club across the street from Kink.com, Peter Acworth and his wife, Susan Clancy, hosted a fundraiser for The Three Strikes Justice Center (TSJC).  Peter, the TSJC founding attorneys, Angeli Fitch and Givelle Amano, and spokesman, Alton McSween,   educated the crowd about the unfair and harsh reality faced by many people convicted under the Three Strikes Law. The night of signature cocktails and inspiring stories, raised over $2000 for The TSJC in this first of many fundraisers for the group.

The Three Strike Justice Center is a non-profit organization who helps convicted, non-violent inmates currently serving a 25 to life sentence under the “3 Strikes Law”, petition for release using the guidelines of Proposition 36. For more information about The TSJC, Proposition 36, and to donate to this worthy cause, please visit www.threestrikesjusticecenter.com

Kink University Champagne Toast

Kink.com’s celebrates our latest addition to our family of BDSM sites Kink University. Kink U for short officially launched today and is now live!

Kink University’s mission is to improve the world’s accessibility through learning fun, safe, and effective skills related to consensual kink and other aspects of sensuality. Kink U delivers high quality, entertaining, and informative BDSM workshops and other educational features–both live and on video.

The community of BDSM (which stands forBondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadomasochism) has a long and rich history of education and skills training, through hands-on workshops and video tutorials. Kink University builds on this model by leveraging the incredible resources available at Kink.com to create the most effective online, local, and distance-learning experiences possible. Kink University strives to leverage our production and technical capabilities to grow the popularity of video learning for a broader audience and boost the awareness and acceptance of all BDSM education worldwide.

Kink.com’s mission has always been “to demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities by providing the most authentic kinky experiences.” Kink University is simply an extension of that goal, to reach out to new people who are curious about how to explore BDSM and bring kinky experiences into their lives–safely and consensually. It’s also fulfilling a service to current members of kink.com who are eager to learn some of the skills they see on our sites and use them in their own bedrooms and relationships. Kink University wants to tell such people, “No, you’re not alone. And yes, you can do this at home.”

In addition to our popular in-person workshops hosted in the historic San Francisco Armory and downloadable video tutorials (which benefit from kink.com’s high-quality production values and editing techniques), we also offer interactive, live-streaming BDSM and bondage workshops, viewable around the world (most recorded for later download). These live streaming workshops enable online attendees to view demonstrations up-close, ask questions, and even watch in-studio attendees as they practice and gain correction from instructors. Most of Kink University’s educational videos are accompanied by a companion set of step-by-step tutorial photos and other reference materials that members can view or even print for reference. In the future, Kink U will be rolling out additional features, such as an opportunity for members to upload their own video tutorials, to be curated and hosted by Kink University. Kink U will even offer live-streamed, powerful talks and Q & A from notable sex-positive figures, thought leaders, and even scientists and entertainers, to provide a free and open exchange of ideas. Kink U is also in the process of developing a system whereby students can earn “Kink University Verified” certification of having completed a particular course curriculum, backed by written and practicum tests proctored by KU-trained trainers.

Kink University features an ever-expanding faculty of expert and world-renown presenters. We are continually recruiting and considering new instructors and demo talent. We offer a combination of live hands-on and video workshops on technical skills (such as rope bondage, corporal punishment, and intimacy techniques), plus more academic and theoretical topics (such as polyamory, dominant and submissive mindsets, finding and building relationships, spiritual aspects of kink, and interpersonal communication). Kink U offers a good blend of “how-to” and “woo-woo.”

Ideally, our ultimate goal is for Kink University to become the most comprehensive and effective clearinghouse possible for knowledge about BDSM and kinky lifestyles, as well as supporting the BDSM community at large.

Kink.com’s 10000 Video Milestone

Kink.com celebrates our 10,000th video over the past 16 years. We have come a long way from Peter’s apartment in the Marina to the Castle on 14th St. in the Mission. From Peter starting it all by himself as a one man crew all the way to a full production powerhouse of BDSM.