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Throwback Thursday: Shock & Awe: WiredPussy’s Power to Please, Pain & Panic

From September 17, 2008:

Out of all of Kink.com’s websites, it is probably WiredPussy.com that has the greatest ability to shock uninitiated viewers and electrify their curiosities. While most everyone who gives WiredPussy a whirl winds up enjoying her experience immensely, there are still some otherwise fearless models that have always drawn their line at electro-play. Sara Faye for example, a tough as nails veteran of 10 of Kink.com’s websites, recently had to muster up all of her courage to come face to face with her fear of electricity on her very first Wiredpussy.com shoot.

Whether she proves to be a natural born electro-slut, a brave convert, or a flat out non-believer, Sara Faye (along with several other Wired women including Princess Donna, Isis Love, Aiden Starr and Ariel X) invites us on a one of a kind journey to an electrifying land of shock and awe.

Not for the faint of heart or careless, electrostimulation, like all forms of BDSM play, requires that its practitioners have a firm understanding and respect for its tools and techniques before they begin to play. For anyone inspired to explore deeper at home, Wiredpussy.com Director Princess Donna recommends starting out with an affordable and beginner-level toy like the TAZapper, and later moving on to a more expensive but versatile toy like the Violet wand.

Whether you’re terrified or turned on by electrostimulation, you can’t help but marvel at its seductive glow, its talent for making the body quiver, jolt, and writhe with pleasure and pain, and its penetrating ability to tap into the psyche and stimulate whatever fear or curiosity that happens to be hiding there.

Throwback Thursday: FuckingMachines Takes the RV on its Inaugural Road Trip

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From October 25, 2007:

When Kink.com Founder and CEO Peter Acworth purchased an RV back in July, he had one primary goal in mind; he wanted to take Kink.com’s productions to a whole new place, the open road. FuckingMachines.com Director Tomcat was the first to take full advantage of this mobile production studio with a
weeklong trip to the city of Angels. After weeks of planning, several tests, endless set-up, and 350 miles of California highway, Fucking Machines was finally on their way to LA. Shooting 6 girls in 6 different locations in 7 days definitely kept the RV crew pretty busy, but they still made time to stop by eXtrememRestraints.com and pick up a few new toys. Shooting in the RV had both its ups and downs, but in the end, it was an unforgettable experience for all involved. With the success of this inaugural road trip, it’s clear that the Kink.com RV will quickly become one of the directors’ favorite sets.

Throwback Thursday: Behind the Scenes – The 3D Kink Sessions


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From March 8th, 2010:

In order for the animators of 3D Kink to create virtual representations of real-life Kink.com personalities — Princess Donna, Maîtresse Madeline, and Van Darkholme — they needed photos and audio clips of these directors. This material is being used as reference to build their virtual world characters. We documented the collection process, which proved to be a vivid, entertaining display of the uniquely strong and sexual personalities that keep you coming back for more. How many earth-shattering orgasm sounds can YOU make on demand?

Throwback Thursday: Ultimate Surrender Welcomes its First Live Audience

 From June 5th, 2008:

Every new set and prop that Kink.com builds adds yet another dimension of fantasy to their already prodigious playground. But while fresh backdrops and toys undoubtedly inspire creative new storylines and torture scenarios, they rarely impact a website’s direction as significantly as
Ultimate Surrender’s brand new bleacher seating just did. As soon as the risers were in place, 40 lucky guests were invited to be part of the first Live Audience Tag Team match in Ultimate Surrender’s history. And with plans to invite members and fans to future live matches, this foolproof combination of sex, sports and spectators is likely to become the hottest ticket in town.